Romanian Breakfast at Mansion

Romanian Breakfast at Mansion

Sunday, April 15, 2018, Maria Theresa Mansion in Orlat invites you to have a Romanian breakfast from 10:00 to 12:30. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day where it gathers together, to serve together in the cool days of spring the dishes in the Orlat area. You will be enveloped by a noble atmosphere, servants of the mansion taking care of the desire of each guest for an unprecedented experience. “The week is ready, and the reward is fast. Let’s give the boyar what the boyar is, we say, and rather we put you in front of an irresistible chinchilla.”

Guests will be greeted with a selection of cheeses and milk, goat cheese, cow cheese, sheep cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, curd, butter homemade natural yogurt and milk. The chefs selected meat to satisfy the most demanding guests, preparing pork scraps and pork scraps sauce, bacon, ham, and bread with lard peasant duck. Also, at the mansion will be prepared hot dishes such as pan with sausages, potatoes and egg pan with bacon peasant onions and peppers, boiled eggs, rolls of scrambled eggs, bread, eggs, salads and vegetables: lettuce, salad Dochia eggplant salad and boeuf salad, zacusca (Romanian traditional vegetable mix), radishes, liquor with cabbage and couscous with nut, seed mix, junkyard jam. “We organize this event for you who dwell in the city to escape the routine and stress of daily life, to enjoy a spring morning in the fresh air of Mărginimea Sibiului, where you will leave full of energy” – the devoted servant of the mansion, Carmen Siminie.


The allowance for the Romanian Breakfast at the Maria Theresa Mansion is 45 lei for adults and 20 lei for children. We are waiting for you to find out the mystery of the mansion house with reservations at the phone number: 0758 023 480.


The Maria Theresa Mansion is a 5-star guesthouse located in the Orlat village on Victoria Street at no. 632, in the county of Sibiu. The entire tourist complex was created and arranged for families with children and for organized groups who want to discover the history and beauty of Marginimea Sibiului.



We are waiting for you!

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