The Story of the Ciumbrud Vineyard Sommelier

Bogdan Marian Moga is the sommelier of the Ciumbrud Vineyard and is 30 years old. He has a proven experience in this field over 8 years, although his story starts much earlier when he was just a child. At the age of three, Bogdan tasted for the first time several varieties of wine alongside his grandparents, a first tasting that Bogdan tells us amused and tells us that he did not go “too good”. With every passing year, Bogdan went to a “cellar” with his grandparents and tried to draw the wine through the hose and taste the assortments.

Moga Marian Bogdan - somelier la Podgoria Ciumbrud
Moga Marian Bogdan – somelier la Podgoria Ciumbrud

How did you discover your passion for wine?

My grandparents have been making wine since I was a kid and I always liked to help them with the preparation of the wine. I liked to see how the barrels were stuffed and when I was going to check them. My grandparents gave me a hose to pull the barrel, and then I tasted of every assortment. It was fascinating to see all the stages, from when the grapes were picked and until I could taste it. I had the opportunity to receive a solid education about the wine industry, the taste of wine and how many wine varieties there are. The passion of my grandparents for wine has taken over from a small child, and since then I have been told that this is what I want to do. I have learned everything that I need to know about wine varieties, different tastes, and their quality. It’s a job that always gives you something new and a job where you meet beautiful and curious people about what quality wine means.

What distinguishes the Ciumbrud Vineyard from other vineyards?

First, the vineyard area gives it the uniqueness of the vineyard. It is a forest area near the Mureş River. Due to the heat of the day and the cool of the night, the soil is fertile and favorable for the harmonious growth of the vine. Due to temperature variation, baking of primary flavors is slow and in perfect balance with the site-specific acidity. The quality of wines in the Ciumbrud Vineyard is attested by the awards won both in Romania and abroad, such as the Napoleon III gold medal, won in 1867 at the International Wine Contest in Paris.

What wine will you present at Mansion on June 1?

To celebrate a year of Mansion, of course, we have a special wine, an edition for this year alone, which we call Wine of the Centenary because we want to highlight the 100th anniversary of the Great Union and surprise people with a tasty and quality wine. Predominantly, Ciumbrud wines are white, and if we think about this wine, we think of “a drop of Transylvania.”

On June 1, we celebrate together a year of Mansion, with Bogdan with us, who sends us a delightful message, both to us and the guests who will cross our threshold: The wine we will taste at Mansion on June 1 is a special wine, the wine we want to celebrate together, a wine that unites us and the best ambassador. We call it Centenary Wine because, in 2018, 100 years have passed since the Great Union. I think it is a wine of great weight that feels different and is suitable for each of us because it gives us the same language on the lips and the same sense of traditionalism that we need to feel that the roots that we have, we are alive and we want to keep them alive. See you at Mansion on June 1!


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