Team building at #Mansion!

Do you know the difference between a group and a team?


Maria Theresa Mansion invites you to spend team building in a noble setting.

The group is made up of two or more people who act together or approach something. A group has external customary duties, responsibility lies with the leader, who is nominated and formally elected, and another characteristic of the group is represented by the formal rules.

The team has a completely different meaning, even if the team’s composition can be the same as the group from a numerical point of view. A team has chosen and assumed goals, responsibility is shared among team members, and completing tasks is the fruit of collective effort. The team is community based.

We want to give all organizations the opportunity to form a team. A team that believes in the mission and vision of the organization and assumes it, not only to follow the decisions made through one-way communication.

Employees of the Maria Theresa Mansion thought that for a strong community, both at the company level and at the level of the community in which they operate, team buildings can bring people closer for better collaboration. As long as employees feel good in the work environment, the company will not suffer. And we believe this, because a teambuilding strengthens the dialogue, reduces stress, increases motivation and cooperation, enables more involvement from each member of the team and, last but not least, strengthens the the team.

We want to help companies that care for employees and look for ideal place for teambuilding. We offer a conference room that has the same noble atmosphere as the rest of the Conac, and all the meals are included in the package, instead the bar is for a fee for alcoholic beverages. We can organize recreational activities, mountain trails or cycling in Cristian. We also offer tennis courts, a sauna and a billiard room for a fee.

The package price is 235 lei per person for accommodation and meals. The conference room is free of charge for up to 4 hours, and over 100 lei / hour is paid. Also, the price for the billiard room, tennis courts and sauna is 50 lei / hour.


For details and reservations: 0758 023 480.



Our mission is to give you an experience that will open all your senses.

We strongly believe that this is the place that will change your perception of what relaxation means in the countryside, combining the comfort of the 21st century with the decorations of an authentic mansion to bring to light the noblest feelings of our guests.


We waiting for you at Maria Theresa Mansion!

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