Wedding at #Mansion!

Maria Theresa Mansion invites you to spend the most beautiful moment in a noble setting.

Wedding at #Mansion!


How did you imagine the story by which you started a new stage in life and which is the first thing you would like to see on the morning after? We, at #Mansion, imagine a wedding for dukes and duchesses with a clear morning in the mountains, a morning in which the mountain gives you a special balance congruent with the fresh air of the Meringue. A Duchess who drank coffee on the # Mansion ‘s balcony along with a noble breakfast, as it turned out to be the story even.

Maria Theresa Mansion fulfills the dream of any couple who crosses the threshold, the dream that will make up the desired wedding. At # Mansion, such a fairy tale can be organized with up to 120 guests on a level or up to 200 invitees on two levels, in the # Mansion restaurant, decorated with eye-catching objects that create an atmosphere of honor. The generosity of the dance space offers to the bride the place where their first dance becomes something intimate, perfect and graceful, through which the eyes are interwoven with noble feelings such as the chosen place.All the attention of the guests will be directed to the main characters of the evening!

Each wedding becomes a beautiful story for the bride, a story I love to remember, so everything about the story must look impeccable. Everything starts at the chosen location, a setting where the sets are offered by # Mansion entirely, with tablecloths specially chosen for the noble air that the Mărginimea offers, candlelight counters and mirrors for the guests. Drinks, such as wine or brandy, can be brought by the bride, and #Mansion bar offers open-bar for guests. Menus start from 250 lei per person, and the package also includes a matrimonial room for weddings.

Why choose Maria Theresa Mansion for your fairytale wedding? Because it is a place that offers you countless possibilities for relaxation and fun, such as swimming pools, tennis court, fishing lake, outdoor walks, playground for children. Because the air of Margin is unique and makes you feel like a new one after a night of fun. The view is marvelous, and the Church staff will do their utmost to make the dream wedding come true.

For reservations or additional details, please contact us at 0746 481 199, 0758 023 480.

We are waiting for you to fulfill your dream!

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