Universal day of Romanian national blouse

June 24 is Universal Day. We celebrate fast at Mansion, because we like traditional things and we consider them an important part of Romanian culture. The mansion, through its symbolism, is the traditional one, but we have combined comfort and modernity to offer our guests the most beautiful moments.

Take, a piece of clothing with motifs and symbols created for more than 200 years, has become famous in almost all corners of the world. Even if at first glance it is a simple traditional blouse, we know that if we look carefully we find a special meaning. At the time when the women were only sewn by the women in the Romanian villages, they did not accidentally place the geometric shapes near the flowers, the most common symbols on an avenue are floral motifs, nature being considered one of the most important museums of the Romanian culture. Everything that is related to nature, especially the flowers offered to the Romanian peasant everything he needed to live, symbolizes wisdom, life and tenacity. At the same time, geometric symbols, squares, and simple lines represent the course of life, and circles represent the sun that is considered to be the nourishing spirit and the living one.
The colors are representative of each piece, the black, the dominant color of the Ardeal, representing the high social status and the holiday days. We believe that traditions provide a starting point for each person, the holidays spent in the environment in which they are present give a state of well-being and joy, thinking about our values, the way we grew up and how we can appreciate the efforts of our ancestors to keep our traditions alive.

At Maria Theresa Mansion we celebrate Day of the Romanian national blouse through a specially created feast, while the guests who cross the threshold are dressed in surrender by the men of the Mansion. We are waiting for you on 24 June at Orlat to celebrate the Romanian traditions together.


 SUNDAY – 24 JUNE 2018 2018



Snack at Mansion

Mussel fillets, pork scraps sauce, pork pemmican, kaiser, cow cheese, goat cheese,

pressed cheese, balls of bellows cheese, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers 30 lei

Dochita Salad

Chicken breast, baby spinach, green salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, dressing, croutons23 lei

Boueuf Salad – 7 lei

Eggplant Salad – 7 lei

Zacusca (Romanian traditional vegetables mix) – 7 lei

Pork scraps sauce with onion – 7 lei


Tripe soup – 18 lei

Vegetables soup – 14 lei

Bean soup with red onion  – 18 lei

Main dish


Pork bone with baked beans and pickled cabbage – 38 lei

Sarmalute (Romanian traditional dish with meat and pickled cabbage)

Sour cream and hot pepper – 30 lei


Sheep sausages with transilvanian potatoes and mustard sauce – 30 lei

Oven chicken

Whole chicken with rustic potatoes and garlic sauce – 38 lei

Schnitzel a la Mansion

Chicken / Pork meat with rustic potatoes, mushroom sauce or pickled cabbage salad – 32 lei

Pig’s alms

Pork, sausage, onion, polenta and pickles – 32 lei

Stew of noatin

Lamb, onion, garlic, peppers and polenta – 34 lei

Grilled sheep pastry

Sheep marinated pastry with aromatic herbs, polenta and garlic sauce  – 45 lei


Boiled donuts with sour cream and sweet cranberry – 14 lei

Masion’s servant thank you and awaits you!

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